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Porcelain Collection 2014


The Collection of the year 2014 is very close to Hildegard Günzel's heart. It is a reflection of her personal life the year before. A clearing process of emotions and deep feelings that found it's way's into this work of art.  Also Hildegard Günzel goes back to her roots, as the bright pastel tones and most of all the discreet vanilla had become a trademark of her first exhibitions.  The grace and tenderness of the body language will enchant you. We wish you a lot of wonderful moments with these creations.


If you have questions to the here shown dolls or their availability, our retailers or our team at the manufacturing office will be at your assistance.



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The Museum Edition


Perpetua and Humpty Dumpy


Perpetua by the sense of her name is the one to keep and protect. And this she wants to do for Humpty Dumpty. Referring to the well known English nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty would fall of the wall and not even all the Kings men could put him together again. This nursery rhyme was one of Hildegard Günzel's favourites as a child.


Different to the number mentioned in our catalog, this museum edition is limited to 5 dolls only.













He is a prince of the orient with wonderful, expressive eyes and a force that is hardly to ignore, showing you a future sovereign.


Noble materials and a royal attitude are melting together. 


A male doll on the highest level of art - brilliant!  Sinar is limited to 7 dolls.





Already in the process of the making she was called the "Butterfly Child". Her tenderness reminds one of the tenderness of butterfly wings. A breathtaking sight.


All used butterflies in the dress and as decoration were hand painted.





A dreamy look - so far away from all. Susanna is sitting with her pole stick doll and seems to be daydreaming.


A tender peppermint tone under her sprinkle flower dress makes the contrast to her beautiful curly hair. The pole stick doll is a funktional music box.





Serafina is named after an angel. Too right, don't you think? Her loving features with the slightly open mouth and her big questioning eyes take the direct way into every collector's heart. Of cause she always will take her two favourite toys with her.


All of these three doll girls are limited to 15 dolls each. Did you notice that the lightness was indicated by the fact that all three sweeties come along on bare feet?























Sally and Harry


Sally and her little dog Harry are an inseparable team. Both together light up every collector's heart. Sally's hair is cheeky falling in light waves. Wonder, what she's up to?


Sally is limited to 15 dolls and she is looking forward to her loving new home.







In her process of the making she was called "The Tiny Model". Lilian has attitude and like a real model she got the expression on her face and the way she is posing.


All over in cream and pearl colours our tiny catwalk beauty is getting on her way to conker the fashion world.


Lilian is also limited to only 15 dolls. 






Visit our Resin Collcktion 2014


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